The Bitcoin Movement and Developer Adoption

Jeremy Allaire October 30, 2013

One of the most exciting and dynamic aspects of digital currency is the Bitcoin movement and ecosystem itself, which has grown incredibly fast, all around the world, with innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs jumping into the project with an intensity and passion that I have not seen since the birth of the commercial Internet.

From the open source project’s lead developer, Gavin Andreesen, who strikes me as an incredibly earnest and good-willed person who’s deeply committed to fostering and advancing this technology all around the world, to the leading core developers and contributors, who work tirelessly to improve the reference software, standards and network performance, this is a strong (and growing stronger) community of developers.  Then there are the ASIC makers and mining guilds and operators, all of whom have taken their technical passion and poured it into building an incredibly powerful, resilient, global transaction processing network out of nothing.

A project with the scope and ambition of building and operating the software, standards and infrastructure for a global digital currency is incredibly exciting, and can only be accomplished in a “crowd-sourced” manner; global, decentralized but well coordinated communications, education and technical advancement and improvement, all in an open and transparent process.

With that in mind, we are really excited to join the Bitcoin Foundation as a Gold Member, an emerging but extremely important global organization that will play a pivotal role in the future advancement of digital currency and Bitcoin.

While it seems like the Bitcoin community has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, we must assume that in the years to come it will grow exponentially, an exciting and necessary step to realizing the vision of global digital currency.

On that note, it’s worth really calling out the importance of developers to the future of money on the Internet.  With technologies and protocols like Bitcoin, we really are entering a new phase of programmable money, where financial services can be woven into software and applications as readily as messaging and mobile interaction.

At Circle, we believe that business innovation with digital currency will start with developers who want simple, straightforward APIs and cloud services to weave into their projects.  As we start releasing beta services, you’ll always find corresponding and freely usable API services that you can use.  If you’re a developer, I’d also encourage you to keep up with Sean Neville’s Circle blog -- Sean is Circle’s co-founder and CTO, and an amazing technical innovator and thinker.

I’m incredibly excited to be working on Circle, helping to build the Bitcoin ecosystem and fostering the world’s first global digital currency.  Hopefully you’ve gotten a better sense for what we’re thinking about here, and the opportunities in front of all of us.

We’ll be publishing blog articles now and then, so do bookmark the site.

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