The House of Pain – splitting household bills results in arguments in 1 in 8 houseshares

Jack Collier September 26, 2016

1 in 7 (14%) left out of pocket by housemates not paying them back and
1 in 10 admit to avoiding paying their share of bills

With over 200,000 students set to return to university in the next couple of weeks, trouble could be on the horizon with arguments over splitting bills leading to disharmony in houseshares across the country according to research released today.

The research, carried out by the social payments app Circle and YouGov, found that tensions over splitting household bills such as utilities and food, have resulted in heated arguments and fallouts in 1 in 8 houseshares.

Housemates are spending on average £113.99 each on bills every month and nearly half (48%) transfer money to someone else to pay the bills. However according to the research, the designated bill payer is frequently being left out of pocket as 1 in 7 (14%) claim they haven’t been paid back after paying a bill. In fact, 1 in 10 housemates openly admitted to avoiding paying their share of the bills.

Jack Collier, UK Marketing Director, Circle, comments: ‘We’ve all been there - the arguments over the electricity bill, or who brought the last pint of milk are all part of the challenges that come with sharing a home. Our research shows that in half of houseshares, it usually ends up being left to one person to buy household essentials, pay bills, and generally keep on top of things. But interestingly the research also reveals that for us Brits, talking about money is a taboo, with 16% admitting that splitting household bills had left them feeling awkward.

‘With apps like Circle, this awkwardness is removed as you can simply request money from anyone and notify housemates if you’re still waiting to be paid back. Our app allows you to send money and personalise with pictures, emoji or GIFs. By making money instant, global, free, open and fun, we can spend less time worrying about money, and more time getting on with housemates. As well as paying bills, you could also use the app to say thanks for doing the washing up or hoovering with money for a drink or take away, meaning a happy household all round.’

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