Why it pays to use Circle this Christmas

Jack Collier December 16, 2016

Whether we like it or not, Christmas and money go together hand in hand but Circle can take the hassle out of sending or receiving money this Christmas, enabling you to focus on the things that matter. So whether you need to split the bar tab at the Christmas party, pay your share of the taxi fare on a night out or chip in for a joint present - with Circle you can.

Paying your way

Christmas nights out should be about having festive fun and not worrying about money. The Christmas work-do may be the highlight of the year but it can also be very costly. There’s the round of drinks you keep laying out for as everyone has mysteriously lost their wallets and then the taxi fare home that you’ve also shelved out for. You then wake up the next morning with a bank account which does little to soothe your hangover. With Circle you can send a gentle reminder to request the money back avoiding any awkwardness in the process.

In the nick of time

There’s always that one person you have forgotten to buy for and to make matters worse you usually realise this on Christmas Day. Worried you will be eternally seen as the Christmas Grinch? With Circle you can instantly send a monetary gift along with a festive GIF and emoji, to a friend or loved one to allow them to buy what they want this Christmas. Genius.

Christmas Tips

Circle also allows you to tactfully gift cash during the festive season whether it’s for the postman who has lived in fear of your dog all year, paperboy or to a niece or nephew who’s saving up for a year of studying abroad. Similarly, if you get the one person in the office you don’t know in the Secret Santa then why not send them a monetary gift for them to treat themselves.

Referral scheme

Circle doesn’t just make sending money to friends and family easier this Christmas it can also make you a bit of money to spoil yourself over the festive season through the referral scheme.

After your friends and family sign up with your Circle URL, they will need to link a debit card and once they have sent over £25 from their account, this will earn you and the person you invited £5!

So make money easy this Christmas. A very Merry Christmas from all the team at Circle.

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